Hot Milk is not a zine. It is not a publisher or a distro. I call it an imprint.

I envisioned it as a tool with which I could abandon the traditional periodical approach of zinemaking. I've never been able to keep a single zine going for more than two issues, and I've given up trying. Now, instead of generating new material around a binding theme, I can release diverse one-off zines -- more like books than magazines -- connected through the imprint, with no real limitations on form or content.

The genesis of the idea was a zine I did in 2003 called Hot Milk, an all-interview zine. Though the first issue focused on hardcore, I had plans to tackle a variety of subjects. The second issue never happened (I still have some unedited transcripts languishing on my hard drive somewhere), and over time several cool ideas I had for new zines got put on the back burner, in a vain attempt to force myself to focus on completing Hot Milk #2.

Hot Milk became an imprint when I realized that there was a way I could branch out in terms of content while maintaining a continuity of name recognition. Hot Milk the zine was constricting. Hot Milk the imprint is not.